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Questions and Answers

What does the meal include?

At Timna, we invite you to a culinary experience, a tasting meal adapted to every diner. You can choose between two meals -

Full tasting menu- 8-10 dishes per diner - appetizer, first course, intermediate, main, palate refresher and dessert.

Short tasting menu - 5 courses per diner - Starter, 3 first courses and main.

The menu is built daily based on the freshest raw materials in the market and mostly contains protein and vegetables.

Both meals include mineral and carbonated water.

Creating a restaurant voucher

We will be happy to give your loved ones a voucher to redeem at the restaurant.

The voucher can be in any variation you want - full/abbreviated double-tasting meal, including drinks/without, etc.

We will make sure to attach a dedication as you wish and pass it on to your loved ones.

Parking in the restaurant area

The parking lots closest to the restaurant - 

Lieber parking lot and Rothschild parking lot.

The parking lots are not connected to the restaurant.

You can also find parking in the streets next to the restaurant.

Adjusting the meal to food restrictions and sensitivities

At Timna, we match each and every diner to a tasting meal personally.

Before you arrive at the restaurant, we will contact you and ask what each of you does not eat, and that way we will make sure the food is suitable.

For example, a vegan/vegetarian/kosher meal/without various ingredients.

Feel free to contact us if there are gaps, questions, etc.

The kitchen is not sterile for allergies and pregnancy.

Events and large groups in the restaurant

At Timna, we will be happy to be by your side at your important events, whether big or small.

It is also possible to reserve places for groups of more than 6 diners by phone/ email

The seating areas in the restaurant

In Timna, there are four resettlement areas:

Chef's Bar -An open kitchen, where you can watch the process of preparing and assembling the dishes.

In groups of more than 2 diners we will try to seat you in the corner.

Tables -Low tables in the restaurant space near the chef's bar.

Standard Patio Table -Low tables on the restaurant patio, the area is air-conditioned and separated from the chef's bar area and the interior.

The restaurant does not commit to the seating area.

Collaborations with the restaurant

At Timna, we have regular collaborations with a variety of wineries, farm owners and more.

They also cooperate with hotels in Tel Aviv and provide ideal accommodation for their guests.

At the same time, hosts routinely employ employees from different companies for events.

For collaborations and additional details -


The beverages menu

At Timna, there are wine, cocktail and additional alcohol menus that are updated daily.

In the wine menu, you can match wines to the meal, which is built by the restaurant's Sommelier.

If you want to bring a bottle of wine with you, you can verify ahead of time that the wine is indeed not on the wine menu on the website, the clearance fee is NIS 79 per bottle.

Service hours

At Timna, we operate three services every evening - 

Service 1 -Guest arrival between the times 18:15-18:30

Service 2- at 21:15- 21:30

Service 3 -at 22:00 (for a 5-course meal only)

Reservations can of course also be made for additional hours by phone.

The full-tasting dinner is served until 21:30 and the abbreviated tasting dinner is served until 22:00.

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